Welcome to the Sneezeweez page! This blog is a collection of posts that aims to explore the mechanisms and properties of sneezing. Through this blog, we hope to illustrate how a sneeze works and why—along with some fun facts. Please enjoy and happy sneezing!


The Sneezeweez team


4 thoughts on “Home

  1. This blog is so great! I loved how well it was organized and you guys definitely personalized it. That was a great touch 🙂 I cannot believe air is forced out at 100 mph, that is insane.
    The graphics were also incredibly helpful!

  2. This blog was very informative and I loved learning about the many different aspects of the sneeze! I thought the organization of the different parts was a little bit flimsy and that some of the information wasn’t very relevant to the biological side of the sneeze. Also, there were a few grammar errors that I found that could be taken care of with a quick read-through. Otherwise, this was a fascinating blog! I especially loved all of the videos that you guys included! They were all very interesting!


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