People sneeze all the time, but they don’t really know how sneezing works (including myself). Our goal of doing this post and future posts is to inform readers how sneezing works in details – not just your nose getting a tickle, but how and why. Sneezing is a natural body mechanism to get rid of particles in your nose that can cause irritation. In some other cases, sneezes can be due to a cold and psychosomatic reactions (internal reactions of mind, emotions, stress, conflicts, thoughts etc). Sneezing while a person has a cold sends out about 40,000 infectious droplets that can spread the disease. Also, sneezing, called sternutation, removes the air from your lungs at speeds up to 100 mph. So a person who sneezes incorrectly can get seriously injured. One of the behaviors a person shouldn’t do is stopping a sneeze that is in the process. This can cause hearing loss and damage in blood vessels in your head. There are also some useful techniques to stop sneezing when appropriate. We will talk more about how all these come in depth.

Here is a fun video of people sneezing in slow motion. Enjoy!



4 thoughts on “Achoo!

  1. wow. I’ll never look at a sneeze the same way again! 🙂 Nice start. should be fun to watch this develop. Let me know if you have questions.

    Dr. F

  2. I really like this wiki page, you guys have done a great job. If there’s a possibility to make the font slightly larger and maybe a little darker, the written portions will be a little easier to read.

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